To dance means to pray!
For the native americans dancing always was special to them. There are many different dances. They are distinguished in dancing, in beating time, in beating the drums and in seting the steps. Dancing to them is like having a conversation with the holy ghost. It is a prefered religious mode of expression. The music makes the power intense.
"The natives are dancing on different occasions like letting a man think how to get food. On memorial days and on days of trouble, on thanksgiving days and days of hope ... the natives are dancing.
But also when a man becomes of age, the natives are dancing.
By dreaming, by doing magic or ruling, thinking of someone or humbling, the native is dancing, thanksgiving or demanding following old traditions or new rules, starving or full, happy or being in despair. The natives are showing their denomination by dancing. ...
Their dance is a magic which compels all the ghost-power to kindness." (3)

Impressions from intertribal PowWow 1999 Browning, MT
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