"The earth was created with help of the sun and it must stay that way... The country was made without borders and it is not allowed for the white men to separate it ... I see the white men becoming wealthy in the whole country and I see their desire to give us worthless grounds ...

Don't misunderstand me, instead have sympathy for me and my love for this country. I've never said that I can do with the land what ever I want. Only the creator has the right to decide. I demand the right to live in my land and I allow you to live in your's."
Heinmot Tooyalaket (Chief Joseph), Nez PrecÚs

"The mountains are glimmering in many colors. Once the glaciers engraved walls and indentations. You can find high mountains, big plateaus, about 200 lakes, dozens of glaciers, and countless waterfalls with wooded valleys." (2)

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The 800 Nez PercÚ surely could not see this natural wonder in 1877. Only 80 miles east from this marvelous landscape was the end of the tragedy 16'th month flight. Over 1,170 miles was their flight across today's states Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. In nearly a dozen fights that involved heavy loses to the US Army. Very weaken, half frozen to death and starved they surrendered to a superior strength near Bear Paw on Oct.5'th 1877. Their wish for a human life living in freedom was brutaly destroyed , only 40 miles away from the canadian border.

Chief Joseph
Nez PercÚ