"It is called 'The Wall'. The wall spreads over more than 100 miles across dried out plains of South Dakota, and looks like one powerful natural dam. The wall is engraved by water into bizar needles and canyons. At many places the engraving still goes on about 1 or 2 inches per year. (2)
bigimage 115K This wide ground is owned by the Oglala Sioux and you can find here one of their holy places. In 1890 the 'Ghost Dance' at 'Stronghold Table' took place, only a few days before the massacre at Wounded Knee (25 miles southern from here). 150 Sioux were killed." (2)

Now it looks like a little part of the prophecy from the Gohst Dance be fulfilled: the return of the buffalos. Today you can find one of the biggest bison herds in it's natural environment. With a lot of luck and some patience you can meet them - and we were fortunate. We watched a herd of about 200 bisons (unfortunately too far to take pictures). But one big lonly bull crossed our path.

The meaning of the buffalo for the plains indians